Bowmanville Wedding Photographer: Stepping out of my comfort zone

I have been on vacation for the last week and it has been a busy one. We had some fun with MLB Baseball, my son’s fifth birthday party, a visit to Great Wolf Lodge in Niagara Falls and a little bit of relaxing and some gardening. I am back to the office tomorrow morning and I finished the week with a photography outing with one of my good friends earlier today. Before getting into detail about that, I want to say that I have been wanting to write this post for some time.

This same friend of mine lives a very different lifestyle than I do. She sent me an email a few months ago (because that is what we do) and she was explaining that a guy she was seeing at the time (she is no longer seeing him) is not as intense…or something along those lines as she is. I cannot remember the exact wording she used, but it was along those lines. This made me chuckle to myself a little because I don’t see this friend as “intense”. Like I said she has a different lifestyle than me, she is dating someone and she doesn’t have any kids. This affords her a certain amount of freedom and she is pretty active. I would categorize her as open, active and a little adventurous (at times), but not intense. Some of the activities she has participated in have been music festivals, white water rafting, zorbing, caving among other things. And some of these I would like to try, some of them not so much.

This email from her got me to thinking about my lifestyle. I am not a spontaneous person and I don’t think that will ever change because I just enjoy planning things too much and the anticipation of something fun and exciting. But that doesn’t mean that I can’t start doing the things that I want to do. After all (and as much as I hate to say it) you only live once. So I should just do the things I want to do…and I can still plan most of them out.

This brings me to the impromptu photography outing that took place earlier today. We decided to start in Whitby at Cullen Gardens Park. After some exploring and some clutzy behaviour from both of us and some photos of flowers, we decided it was time for an Ice Capp. At that time we decided to go somewhere neither of us had been before, Camp 30 in Bowmanville. We did some research to figure out exactly where it was and made our way out there. For those of you who don’t know what Camp 30 is, you should read up on it. It is an important part of Canadian history. But briefly, it is a former World War II Prisoner or War camp that held some pretty nasty people. It was later converted into a Catholic Boys Boarding school and is now abandoned and in terrible shape. Normally, I would have just wandered around the grounds and focused on the exteriors of the buildings, but my friend encouraged me to enter several of the buildings despite my protests and some whining.

We had some fun and made some photographs. I would love to go back when we have some more time and at sunset. The lighting in some of the buildings would be very interesting. But until then, enjoy some from today.


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