Clarington Glamour Photographer: My Search for a New Point and Shoot Camera

The truth is, I am cheating on my DSLR camera, or I at least have the intention of doing so. It has been almost 7 years since my last point and shoot camera was brand new which means that my iPhone 4S is a better piece of technology than this camera. I received it as a wedding/birthday present from friends of ours which also happened to be before I got into photography even as an amateur. The truth is while it is still okay and works fine, the technology and my photography skills have changed drastically since receiving it. Once I find a replacement point and shoot camera, it will be handed down to my five year old.

Some of you might be wondering why I need a point and shoot at all when I have a great DSLR camera and a collection of lenses. Well I am about to tell you an industry secret….DSLR cameras and specifically some of their lenses are quite heavy which can make it tiresome to carry around on longer excursions, family outings and just  during random times with friends. Also, they draw people’s attention which is fantastic most times, but in other times it is unwanted attention.

As some of you may know, especially if you have been following my blog, my full-time job is a travel agent which means I get to travel often. This is another one of the reasons why I am looking for a quality point and shoot camera. We will be travelling to Punta Cana in May and because it is a family vacation and we will be sticking to the resort for the week, I don’t really need to bring my DSLR camera.

The features I am looking for specifically are:

-compact and lightweight
-manual control – I would also prefer if I could shoot in RAW format as opposed to being limited to just JPEG. Both manual controls and being able to shoot in RAW format allow for the most creativity and control over your photographs.
-I love being in the water, so having the capability to take the camera in the water safely is a huge deal as well. Based on my research, I don’t think I will be able to find a camera that can shoot in RAW and be taken in the water without having to buy a housing case.
-pricing – I don’t want to go too crazy with price. I am prepared to spend some money but not as much as a lead in DSLR camera.

Cameras I will be looking at more closely to start with:

1) Canon Powershot S120
2) GoPro Hero+3
3) Olympus XZ-2 iHS
4) Nikon Coolpix P330

I will hopefully be making a decision in the next week or so and I will keep you all posted. In the mean time, what point and shoot camera do you use when travelling and spending time with family? What do you love about it and hate about it?

Enjoy this video from GoPro:

GoPro: Whale Fantasia

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