Clarington Wedding Photographer: How to Choose Which Images to Display in Your Home

From talking with some of my clients, I have heard that it can be overwhelming for them to have to choose which of their images to display in their home. Here is a list of questions that I have sent to some of my clients that need some help with the decision:

1) Where will the photos be displayed? Different products work better in certain situations. A good example of what might not work is an 8×10 print or canvas as a stand alone image over a dining room table or couch. In this situation, an 8×10 image will not have enough impact and will make the room look smaller. You might opt for either a few larger pieces as a series, such as 3-4 16×20 as a float wrap or framed prints. Or you can order several individual prints of various sizes such as 5×7, 8×10, 11×14 and 16×20 to make a display gallery.

That same 8×10 stand alone print would look great matted as a end table print.

2) What type of session is the image from? You will probably feel differently about who is seeing your image if it is from a boudoir session or from an engagement session or your wedding. For something like an engagement session, you might want to order an enlarged print or float wrap to display over your console table. For images from your wedding a wall gallery collection would look amazing in the living room or family room and don’t forget about your bedroom. For something like boudoir, depending on your personality and what you are comfortable with you could choose a few larger stand alone  prints to hang over your bed or something a little more discreet like a bedside table print for your bedroom or walk-in closet. A beautiful folio box or a custom designed album is a great option for any type of session.

3) When it comes to which images to have printed, you should look at your personal style and tastes. Some questions are: a) Do you prefer the bolder coloured prints or do you feel strongly about the black and white photos? b) What is the decor scheme of the room or area that the photos will be placed in? In my humble opinion, if you have a room that is more neutral, it might be fun to have a pop of colour with the photos or in the same neutral room, a series of black and white photos might really finish the room. c) Will the images be displayed as their own separate gallery or will you be hanging them with photos and artwork from other sources? If they will be hung with other photos and pieces, is there a theme, colour scheme or any other common denominator?

4) Lighting and Environment – I strongly urge all of my clients to keep all of their products out of direct sunlight and artificial light. Also, the area should be dry without humidity and room temperature.

5) I know that is a lot to consider, so these last two tips are the most important. Go with your gut and order all the images.

While you are here, I am so excited to show you some photos of a brand new product I am offering to all of my clients. I offer a size range from 8×10 for float wraps which starts at $120.00 each. They can be ordered individually or as a set.  The float wrap below is from Jennifer and Jamie’s engagement session, take a look Jen and Jamie’s Cobourg Beach Engagement Session.


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