Greek Mojitos and gyros in Mykonos

Last May I had the opportunity to go on a travel agent familiarization trip, aka fam trip. All that means is that I sometimes get to go on a trip with a bunch of travel agents and tour operators to become familiar with the product so I can sell the product more confidentally. This particular trip brought me to Greece.

The trip started with a direct flight from Toronto to Athens on Air Transat. If any of you have flown on Air Transat, you may have either heard of their answer to First Class which they call Club Class. It is a much more confortable way to travel (more on that in a later post) but I opted to upgrade my economy class seat to include their Option Plus which allowed me to receive certain perks. I arrived in Athens the following morning, not having slept at all on the flight over. I was too excited and too busy reading “Fifty Shades of Grey” to be able to sleep. From the airport, our group left for the pier in Athens to board our Louis Cruise ship to make our way to Mykonos. At this point all we had seen in Athens was the airport and rush hour traffic.

After a few hours on board the ship and a short nap, I was in Mykonos. We only spent the evening there and the better part of it was checking out a few hotels. After all, I was “working”. So not complaining.

The first hotel we went to was the Mykonian Ambassador where they greeted us with a special Greek Mojito. Normally, I am not a fan of Mojitos but the ones I had at this hotel was delicious. It had mint and sugar and a Greek liquor in it called Skinnos. It has been a great addition to my basement bar.

After we were done with hotel visits, we had some time to go into town to grab some food, shop and just take a look around. I managed to get some souvenir shopping done and had my first authentic Greek food which was also the first time I had a gyro.

Next will be some romance in Santorini.

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