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Those are just some of the words that describe how I have been feeling lately and all of that is because of someone named Jasmine Star.  If you haven’t heard of her, I recommend that you find out about her. She is a wedding photographer out of Southern California and she is super talented, super smart and she worked very hard to get where she is and I love her approach to business. And plus she just seems very genuine and kind-hearted. And at the risk of sounding like a complete nerd which I am totally okay with, Jasmine actually commented on a Facebook coversation I had with Christa Hann about her reSTART program (which I discuss below). How cool is that!!!!

Jasmine has teamed up with creativeLive which is online school of sorts based out of Seattle that makes photography education accessible through live online workshops. They are actually free if you watch them live or you can pay a very affordable price to get the recorded versions. Anyways, Jasmine has done a few of these workshops and I have purchased two of them. One of them is her brand new “reSTARt” program. By watching it and taking part in a Facebook forum I have finally received the kick in the pants that I needed and actually deserved about my photography business. Now I am feeling focused and motivated to take my business where I want it to go.

Part of this program includes homework assignments and while she isn’t going to be grading my assignments, I feel that it is my responsibility to myself to do the work. Afterall, no one is going to do it for me and plus with some of the new photography friends that I am meeting on the Facebook forum, I feel a responsibility to them as well. It is about being accountable.

Just this week, I had a three hour Skype coversation with a like-minded photographer and friend Christa Hann about business goals for the following year. It seems like everytime I spend time with her, I end up getting stuff done. She has even given me an assignment for goals that I have to write down and have two months to complete….that means by the end of March. Yikes!! One of those goals is to finally design a new blogsite to replace what I am working with now. And just a few minutes ago, I made the decsion. I will be starting this week with the design process and I am SUPER EXCITED about making this change to my business. You will be seeing more than just a couple changes throughout 2013 which I am so excited to share with you.

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In the last couple weeks, I have made some solid decisions about my photography business that I hope will being me closer to my goals.

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