International Wedding Photographer – Checking out Ephesus Turkey and Prada Bags

A new Travel Thursday…

The port name is Kusadasi and it is in Turkey and little bit of a drive away are the amazing ruins of Ephesus. For those of you that are following this series know that I have been to Mykonos and Santorini on a cruise I went on last year, but of all the incredible places we visited, Ephesus was one of my favourites.

What you might not know is that part of Turkey is in Europe and the other part is in Asia, geographically speaking. Now, while I have never been to the Middle East, Africa, Asia nor have I spent a lot of time in Europe, I would say that Kusadasi has the best of all those continents and cultures. You might also be interested to know that the city itself is spotless. The grounds are beautiful and the buildings are very well maintained. It made for a nice stop.

Now ladies, a tip for you if you ever find yourself in the area is to know that majority of the public are Muslim. It wasn’t obvious to me but I would recommend that you bring something to drape over your shoulders out of respect for the culture and beliefs of the local people. It will also protect you from the strong Mediterranean sun.

As soon as we were off the ship we left for Ephesus to beat the heat and some of the crowds. The drive isn’t that long and the scenery is very nice along the way, but be prepared for open sun and lots of walking once you arrive. The pathway (Curetes Street) that lead to the main area is marble and proved to be a little tricky to walk on even with a decent pair of running shoes, and trickier for the likes of myself that have problems walking on flat pavement.

Along this pathway there were plenty of interesting sites to stop at like Hadrian’s Temple, but the pay off came at the end.

Another tip, Kusadasi is known for its leather and designer handbags. I love my Prada bag. It was a nice edition to my collection. My husband would beg to differ.

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