International Wedding Photographer: My 12 Hour Adventure in New York City

A couple years ago I heard of a company that operated bus tours to New York City. They even have an overnight option that includes roundtrip overnight bus transportation and gives you 12 hours in Manhattan. Well, for my first time to New York City, I decided this would be a nice little introduction to the city.

I booked my spot on the bus and a spot for my good friend Sarah.

Now for people who don’t know me or Sarah well, you should know we like lists and we have no problem turning our spare room of our house into a packing room…we have both done this before. So preparing for this 12 hour trip was part of the enjoyment. I know what you are thinking…what is there to prepare for, it is only a weekend away. Well I cannot tell you how wrong you are with asking that question. Not only was it our first trip to New York City but we only had 12 hours to try to see at least some of the icons of the city. And we were going towards the end of October, so we had no idea what the weather would be and had to dress accordingly…in layers. And also, we are both photographers and shoppers. I don’t think I need to tell you, I was over prepared and I had underestimated the actual size of this city and how much walking we would be doing.

I don’t know if I would do an overnight bus trip to New York again, but I cannot wait to go back to Manhattan. While we were there, we went to Top of the Rock, visited Battery Park and the Financial District and took a little ride on the Staten Island Ferry. I recommend doing this. It is free and you sail by the Statue of Liberty and you get to see that Manhattan skyline. After our return to Manhattan, we headed to Times Square where we had dinner and bought some souvenirs. We were even brave enough to take the Subway and while the subway attendants were not very helpful, our fellow Subway riders were so friendly and helpful with helping us figure out which stops we had to go to.

The highlight for me was the Brooklyn Bridge. We ventured to about almost half way across. It was so cool. I cannot wait to go back.




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