Kicking negativity in the rear end and showing gratitude

Negativity is a nasty thing and it can be tricky at times. I think that once you let negativity into your life, it can be very difficult to get rid of.

If I am going to be completely honest which I think is only fair, then I should say that in the more recent months, I have become very negative in most aspects of my life and really there is no need for it. After all, I have a wonderful son and husband who are both healthy and happy, we have a great support system around us with both sets of parents being involved in our lives in a very positive manner, we both have jobs, we have a nice little house that we call home and overall, we have a very nice life.

I have become a person that I never wanted to be and not only do I deserve better but my family and friends do as well. So starting today, I am going to be documenting my journey to being the person I used to be that was always looking for the good in people and in the situation at hand and who was always up for a good time.

I am not saying that all days are going to be great, and that I am not going to continue to be a little overdramatic at times but I am going to try.

The first challenge I have for myself is to start a gratitude journal. I am going to start small by writing in at the end of each day and finding at least five things that happened during the day that I am grateful for.



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