Oshawa Boudoir Photographer: A New Direction

As some of you might know already from reading my blog posts, I first started in photography after I had my own boudoir photo shoot which was a wedding present to my husband. At the time, I was working as a legal assistant in downtown Toronto at one of the big corporate firms and was very bored and frustrated with my job. I had been looking for a change pretty much from the time I started down that career path but nothing had interested me enough to actually make the effort to make the change.

My experience as a client for a boudoir photo shoot left me feeling sexy and more importantly empowered…that second result was not something I expected. And my train of thought was if I could make a woman…any woman, feel the way I did after my shoot, then that would a pretty great way to spend my time.

That was about nine years ago which is crazy to me. How fast time goes by.

In those nine years, I have fumbled around a lot with photography, but photographing women in some form has always been a priority. It is such a big part of what I do, that it is now the only photography I offer…women’s portraiture and whatever that means to you, the woman.

The type of boudoir photography I was offering to my clients eventually started feeling repetitive and stagnant, which was strictly my fault. The poses were boring and the images were lacking emotion and connection. Yes, the images were pretty and the shoot was fun but there was no story behind the images.

So I am trying something new with boudoir photography. I am super excited to tell you about it but I am also terrified because it is so different from anything I have done in the past. Hopefully you will see more emotion and connection and there will be no confusion what type of shoot it is.

Whatever your version of sexy is, it is perfectly okay and in fact should be celebrated. Meet the lovely Miss C.

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