Oshawa Glamour Photographer: Conceptual Glamour Photography

You have seen Erin on the blog before with both boudoir sessions and one of my first glamour shoots. I love working with her because she is easy to photograph, fun to be around and is pretty much up for anything.

It was a few years ago after her first photoshoot with me that we were out for a coffee and she told me she was adding not one, but two additional members to her family. Not babies but husky puppies…two of them, and they may as well be her babies. I thought she was nuts.

Well it turned out be a great idea because they are awesome dogs. Erin is always posting their adventures (mostly at her cottage) on Facebook which gave me a good idea of their attitude and behaviour.

Fast forward a little bit….

You may have noticed a shift or change in my attitude here on the blog lately. I am really starting to lean towards self care, making it work with what I have, enjoying the process and putting myself out there more. It’s a process and I am just getting started but I think I am slowly making progress. Part of this shift and putting myself out there is owning that I am a photographer and photographing what I want to photograph.

I have always been inspired by one specific photographer. She is a well known fashion photographer who started when she was only a teenager with self portraiture and more conceptual/elemental photographer. I read about her in an expensive photography magazine back in 2007-2008 when I was first starting to dabble in photography. Her name is Lara Jade.

Lara co-hosted a CreativeLive online workshop with glamour photographer, Sue Bryce (another photographer I have learned so much from and LOVE), and it was all about creating art and how to put together a conceptual photo shoot. After watching that course, I became kind of obsessed with doing my own conceptual photoshoot.

Fast forward a couple years, yes really a couple years, and I finally have the nerve to complete my first conceptual photoshoot and put it out there. I have to admit, I am a bit terrified right now, but I am going for it.

This recent photoshoot with Erin and her two huskies, Kahlua and Dakota, just happened this weekend. I think it is a great start to what I am hoping will allow me to be even more creative in the future.

Location: Lindsay, Ontario
Wardrobe: one of my old bridesmaid dresses and Erin’s winter jacket
Hair and Makeup: Erin


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