Oshawa Glamour Photographer: How to Value Yourself

You have probably heard the advice of “be true to yourself” and “run your own course” from several different sources as it is pretty common advice. But it is not always easy advice to take, at least for me…maybe you have felt the same way at times.

I am not someone I would call a follower, but after the last several months I have noticed that I continuously ask for validation from others which is a perfect example of not running my own course. This is true in almost all aspects of personal life and at my job…and in photography. It’s almost like I need a pat on the back for work that I already know is good, and I usually catch myself immediately after the exchange wondering why I do this. I am not sure yet. I do have some theories but that is for another blog post.

As I said earlier, this is an example of how I am not running my own course or being true to myself. If I am being true to myself, then why do I need other people’s approval and why do I find myself second guessing myself and my ideas. It seems like a constant battle.

So while I am trying to take steps to move past this particular issue and how it impacts all issues of my life, I ask that you do the same. Whether you are going through something similar or the complete opposite, please value yourself and know that you are enough to run your own course and do not need anyone else’s permission to do what you believe is right for you.


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