Oshawa Glamour Photographer: The Number One, Best Gift Ever

Everyone who loves travel, has had that first trip that solidified the passion they have for travel, the new experiences gained by travelling and the friendships they make. For me that trip was Ireland in 2005.

I had been on a few all-inclusive trips before going to Ireland on a Contiki tour with my best friend, Kristen, but it wasn’t like anything I had experienced before. I knew the experiences I had were special at the time, but I had no idea how much it was going to shape me and my future.

This trip lead me to a big career change focusing on travel and now even with photography, I am in the process of looking for ways to incorporate travel into Glamour Photoshoots. YES, I love travel!!

That trip to Ireland may not have happened if it weren’t for one small gesture made by mom and dad. It really isn’t that big of a deal, but to me, it means the world and I will never forget it.

My mom knew I was considering my first big trip across the pond and probably sensed I needed some encouragement to make the leap and book it. On Christmas morning 2004, I was 21 years old, living at home, working full time as a legal assistant at a large corporate law firm in downtown Toronto and in a serious relationship with my now husband, Adam. I had a lot of reasons not to go.

There were typical presents and stocking stuffers that I opened, but as usual, there was the last gift which was the big gift that I always have to wait to open.

I opened a narrow, rectangular box and inside was a Great Blue Herron (local casino) leather passport holder. I thought this was weird and wondered why my parents would regift a casino wallet to me when I don’t even gamble. I guess my mom saw the curious look on my face and prompted me to open it. Inside I found some currency which ended up being 100 euros. My mom said to me exactly “now you have to go to Ireland because you can’t spend those euros here”.

Sometimes all you need is a little encouragement and the knowledge that something is possible. The small gift of some money was all I needed to make that leap. By taking that leap, my life has changed so drastically from the course I was on and I am so grateful to my mom and dad for seeing that I needed to have that type of experience.

Tonight I found myself in a position to do for a friend what my parents had done for me. I was out with this friend tonight for a chat and belated birthday coffee…her birthday was only yesterday, so I wasn’t that far behind.

This friend of mine has always been a bit active and adventurous and she has started venturing out a bit more and looking to travel to more exotic locations, which is awesome because I need a friend to travel with to some of these locations down the road. And I think she is need of some encouragement and maybe a push to do something for herself. I picked her up a copy of a book I read last spring while on vacation called “Lost Girls”. It is an autobiography written by three young women who travelled together around the world for a year. If you need some motivation to travel, change career, tell someone you love them, break up with someone or make any change, this is the book for you.


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