Oshawa Glamour Photographer: Top 10 Tips for Preparing for your Portrait Shoot

It was a busy at the Hill residence this weekend and in studio which is exactly how I like it. I was busy preparing for a double portrait shoot that had been planned months ago with my friend Christa Hann of Christa Hann Photography.

That name may ring a bell for some of you as she has been mentioned on the blog before, but for my new readers, here is a little history. Christa and I met in the summer of  2011 at a photography workshop in Toronto which was lead by a lovely couple and wedding photographers, Justin & Mary called “Spread the Love”.

After the workshop, we stayed in touch which proved to be somewhat difficult at times as we both have children and husbands and full-time jobs and I live in Oshawa while she lives in Acton. But through Skype dates that end at the wee hours of the morning, endless amounts of emails and the occasional dinner date, we have managed to build a friendship and coordinate some photo shoots including the photo shoots that took place at my Oshawa studio this past weekend.

I will discuss the shoots in more detail later this week when I am ready to post Christa’s portraits, which are amazing by the way. You aren’t going to want to miss them. But at this point in time, I am going to go through how I prepared for my own portrait shoot which will hopefully help you when you are preparing for your own Beauty Portrait Session with me…

Let’s just start by saying, I can now say without any doubt in my mind that I understand what my clients go through when they are preparing for their shoots with me. It is difficult, stressful and nerve wracking to have your photos taken. Not only are you putting a great deal of trust in a perfect stranger to take photos of you, but there is the stress of finding stuff to wear, wondering if the photos are going to turn out, not knowing what to do in front of the camera etc. etc. So let’s break it down to the top ten tips for preparing for your portrait shoot:

1) Really consider the type of photographs you want taken and what you need the photos for. Beauty portrait sessions are not just one type of photo shoot, they can be whatever photo shoot you want it to be and don’t be afraid to mix it up.

2) The week before your photo shoot remember to eat healthy, get plenty of sleep and drink lots of water.

3) Get your spa on – get a mani/pedi and waxing done a couple days before your photo shoot.

4) If you tan or use spray on tanner, please do not go too crazy the week before your photo shoot. The same goes for your hair colouring. Do not make any drastic changes to your appearance that you have never done before within two weeks of your appointment.

5) Complete your client questionnaire and complete your consultation with me prior to your photo shoot to ensure we are on the same page as to the type of session it is and what you are wanting out of your shoot.

6) Do not drink the night before your shoot or prior to arriving for your shoot. Save that for celebrating later that evening after you are all dolled up.

7) Arrive to your photo shoot with clean, dry hair and clean, moisturized face. Be sure to bring about 4-5 different outfits.

8) Invite your best friend, mom, sister or significant other to be photographed with you. It will be double to fun.

9) Wear loose fitting clothes to your shoot to avoid indentations in the skin. Wear your favourite matching bra and panty set and perfume that makes your feel extra sexy. It will help you relax and make you feel extra special and more confident prior to your shoot.

10) Take a day to go shopping with your best friend for some clothes and accessories for your shoot. You will be excited to wear new clothes and they will help you feel a little more confident during your shoot.

And a bonus tip:

11) Trust your photographer, they are the person that know how to make you look amazing in your photos. Relax and have some fun and enjoying your day of pampering.

Every woman deserves to have beautiful photos of themselves. Call or email me today to set up your Beauty Portrait Session and tell me how you Dream of being Photographed.




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