Oshawa Glamour Photographer: Why Every Baseball Wife, Girlfriend and Mom Deserves their own Glamour Shoot

There is a quote, I am not sure who said it but I saw it on a handmade sign on Pinterest that says “We interrupt this marriage for baseball season”. It PERFECTLY describes what my spring, summer and fall has been like for the last 15 years of being with my husband.

This summer was a busy baseball summer between the two boys and the Blue Jays having a record season (did I say how busy it was, one week we had ten games between the two of them!!!) and now that it has ended and I have had some time to breath, I can post some of the glamour photos from the shoots I had this summer.

What does baseball have to do with glamour photos you might be asking, well in this case, lots. Baseball wives, girlfriends and moms go through a lot during baseball season. They spend hours in all sorts of weather – rain, wind, sun, humidity and sometimes snow (we are in Canada after all); they usually end up listening to stats, team politics and some trash talk; they give up evenings, afternoons, long weekends and sometimes have to get up at the crack of dawn all to go support their loved ones during game time. The list really goes on, and on.

The women whose photos are featured in this post are all wives and girlfriends of the players my husband plays Slo Pitch with. And they are much better at being that support than I am, so I definitely think they deserved a glamour shoot just for themselves.

Meet Valerie, Monique, Deborah and Tanya.


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