Oshawa Glamour Photographer: Why You Should Exist in Photos

This summer has been about spending quality time with my family and giving my son new experiences that do not involve the iPad or video games. It has been a challenge, but I am determined. So determined that we decided to take him on his very first camping trip and my first camping trip in about 11 years. For anyone who knows me, they can tell you why it has been 11 years since my last camping trip. I like the idea of being outdoors more than I like being outdoors, specifically sleeping outdoors.

The trip went well overall, we had great weather and amazing company with our friends Amy and Alex and their two kids, I just don’t like the dirt and that everything is a process. And I did not sleep well at all for the three nights we were at Arrowhead Provincial Park.

That said, I wouldn’t have traded it because Braeden had a great time and it was really nice to spend uninterrupted time with Braeden and Adam.

There were some photos taken during our camping trip that include me after three nights of no sleep, no make-up or my hair dryer. It goes without saying, that I am not looking my greatest in these photos. But Braeden wanted to take some and I let him. Not only because no one would believe it happened but because I want Braeden to have photos from the good times we shared. I want to exist in photos for my son for the days I am no longer here with him.

And I want that for you as well, my readers. I want you to exist in photos for your loved ones because one day, that is all they will have, photos and memories. Isn’t that the reason we take photos? To have proof that we were here in the first place?

Here is my challenge to each of you… send me a copy of the most normal photo you have of yourself and explain to me in a few words why you need to have stunning photographs of yourself. Be as honest and open as you can.

Some rules:

1) One photo/story per person.
2) You can submit on someone’s behalf, just make sure you have their permission to use their photo.
3) A vote is considered a unique comment on either my blog or fan page on Facebook.
4) The word “vote” will not be considered a vote, nor will a “like”.
5) Only one vote per person will be counted.

Some more details:

1) Deadline for submittal is Wednesday Aug 19, 2015 at 11 pm.
2) Please submit photos and stories to amanda@amh-photo.com.
3) The stories and photos will be posted to my blog and Facebook no later than Sunday Aug 23, 2015 which is when voting will start.
4) Voting ends Wednesday August 26, 2015.

The winner will receive a complimentary double photoshoot and makeover with me including hair and make-up for two and full glamour shoot. Each person will receive a $225 gift voucher to use towards the images they would like to purchase.


Photo by Christa Hann Photography.

View More: http://christahann.pass.us/amanda-morrison-hill

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