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At the beginning of this past summer, I went on a travel agent familiarization trip to the Mayan Riviera and Cancun. The purpose of this trip was to learn all about destination weddings. I stayed at three different hotels and saw over 24 different resorts during the week. Majority of the time, the agents on these fam trips are partnered with a roommate. So far, I have been very fortunate when it comes down to roommates. All the girls I have been paired with have been very nice, polite and stable (I could tell you stories).

On this fam I was roomed with Angela, a travel agent from Lloydminster, SK. To put it mildly, Angela is very sweet and a great roommate to have. She has a great sense of humour and ended up providing great entertainment throughout the week.

All of that is great, but I guess you might be wondering why I am writing this blog post about this woman who lives across the country from me and who I might not ever see again in my life. Put simply, she lives an inspired life. While I am not sure if she sees it that way, I do and I think a lot of people who know her much better than I do might agree with me.

I only spent one busy week with Angela. Did I mention how muggy and hot it was? It was pretty warm. It is not a long time to spend with someone. But even after just one week, I know Angela is an honest, light hearted and positive person. And who can’t have more positivity in their lives, I know I can. Without even doing anything, she has inspired me to go after what I want and to stop being so over dramatic all the time.

So this is me, putting some positivity out there and saying out loud to the universe and my readers (i.e.. you) what I want.

Angela is an everyday woman. She is a mother and a travel agent. She can speak several different languages and boy can she sing…yet her story has inspired me to tell you about her. And that is what I want,. I want to photograph YOU and tell YOUR story. Every woman deserves some time that is all about her and I can give you just that. Call or email me today to find out why you need to exist in photos.

To end, there is a saying, I am not sure who said it first, but I think it is appropriate for Angela and it is the type of woman I want to be and photograph:

“Be the type of woman that when your feet hit the floor each morning the devil says “Oh CRAP”, she’s up!”

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