Oshawa Wedding Photographer: What Clients Can Expect – Part 1

I have been thinking about how I can make my client’s experience as seamless and positive as possible. And I think the answer to that starts with a very simple step and that starts with education.

Education for me is about helping my clients to understand the what, how and why I do what I do. And most importantly how that helps them.

When I first get an inquiry whether it is for a wedding or Beauty Portrait Shoot, the first thing I do when I respond to my potential client is send a brief PDF guide with sample images and little more information about my services. This when there is a little bit of back and forth about package inclusions, date availability and usually pricing will come up as well.

Once the client has confirmed they are interested, I like to arrange a get together. This get together can take place on Skype or FaceTime, but in person is preferable.

For my wedding clients, I like to find out a little more about you and your fiancee and how you met. Not only will this help me to get to know you, duh, but it will also help me to tell your story. We will also go through some of the important features of your day such as ambiance and feel or theme if there is one. When we are done chatting (and eating and drinking), you will be sent home to consider hiring me for your wedding photographer. You will receive a copy of my contract to read through.

For my Beauty Portrait clients, there will be same amount of getting to know each other. I will ask you to tell me why you are doing this and tell me more about anyone who is participating with you. We will go through some wardrobe suggestions which will also be listed in a PDF for you along with a preparation guide with some ideas on how you can prepare for your photo shoot. Once we wrap everything up, I will send you a copy of my contract to review.

Then all there is to do is to complete the contract and send over the payment and your Wedding or Beauty Portrait shoot will be scheduled.

You can read more on what to expect prior to your photo shoot and after your photo shoot in later blog posts.

Happy Wednesday : )



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