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    The reason why I am able to do what I love is because of my amazing clients. There is not a moment that I am not grateful for that. The fact that you have made it this far and continue to read, means the world to me.

    It was a little over seven years ago when on a wim, I enrolled in a photography course at a local college. It was after I had my own boudoir photos taken and right before I got married. I was looking for a change and thought photography would allow me to be creative and I could challenge myself. After a couple classes (and purchasing my first DSLR camera with kit lens), I was hooked on photography and learning everything I could about it.

    I could have just kept it as a hobby, but it's not just taking the photos that I enjoy, it is helping my clients preserve their memories to enjoy and to pass along to their children and grandchildren that made me want to start my own photography business.

    I hope you enjoy your visit to Amanda Morrison-Hill Photography. Please take a look around. I can't wait to hear how I can help you.


    Amanda Morrison-Hill

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Oshawa Wedding Photographer – At the Ballbark with Shane and Deborah

I have actually known Shane, my husband’s best friend, longer than I have known my husband. Sure it is only by a couple of weeks, but it counts. What you need to understand about Shane and my husband, Adam is that they are lifelong friends and they have always shared a love of baseball. When […]

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Whitby Wedding Photographer – Kim and Paul’s Romance Session

When I first drove by an abandoned factory and motorcycle dealership in my hometown of Whitby Ontario, I knew both locations would be ideal for an engagement session or in Kim and Paul’s case, a romance session as they weren’t yet engaged. It has been a couple summers since this session and I am happy […]

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Kim and Paul’s Studio Maternity Session: Oshawa Glamour Photographer » Amanda Morrison-Hill Photography - […] may remember when I photographed which was a lot of fun, so I was flattered and very excited when they asked me to do their maternity […]

International Wedding Photographer – Checking out Ephesus Turkey and Prada Bags

A new Travel Thursday… The port name is Kusadasi and it is in Turkey and little bit of a drive away are the amazing ruins of Ephesus. For those of you that are following this series know that I have been to Mykonos and Santorini on a cruise I went on last year, but of all the […]

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Cobourg Beach Wedding Photographer – Jen and Jamie’s Beach Engagement Session

Jen and Jamie appear to be a normal engaged couple that have faced all of the typical challenges that a young relationship would have, but Jen and Jamie are not a typical engaged couple. In the time they have been together, they have not only faced some unique challenges but have overcome them with understanding and love. […]

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Jen - Thanks Amanda had a great time!!

Tyla - Vot!

Amanda Mulder - lovely couple!!1 beautiful pictures you guys!

Cathie Cannon - What can I say? I’m predjudiced. I have always thought my grandson was the cutest boy and now the handsomest man.Jen is a very attractive young lady as well but that picture which is the one shown on this blog makes them both look like movie stars. I love it and better get a copy whether they win or not. I absolutely love Jen’s look with her hair like that.Goodluck with the contest you two. Love you.Grandma.

Lori Furlonger - Jen and Jamie are a wonderful couple! It is a privilege to know them!

Andrea Hossack - Couple of beauties! 🙂

Marcie Morrison - Beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple. Well done Amanda, and congratulations Jen & Jamie 🙂

katie baylis - Amazing 🙂

Clarington Wedding Photographer: How to Choose Which Images to Display in Your Home » Amanda Morrison-Hill Photography - […] While you are here, I am so excited to show you some photos of a brand new product I am offering to all of my clients. I offer a size range from 8×10 for float wraps which starts at $120.00 each. They can be ordered individually or as a set.  The float wrap below is from Jennifer and Jamie’s engagement session, take a look Jen and Jamie’s Cobourg Beach Engagement Session. […]