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    Hi!! Thank you for stopping by. My name is Amanda and I am a 30-something year old mom, wife, daughter, daughter in law, aunt and friend.

    I have been married to a wonderful man (Adam) for the last 12 years and we have a very handsome and energetic 10 year old son together. I also work part time in the travel industry.

    2016 proved to be a very stressful and transitional year for me and towards the end of the year I was in need of a change and in a big way. Not only was my physical health at its lowest, but my emotional health wasn't fairing too well. When I started my journey with Beachbody in November of 2016, I knew it would be beneficial but I really didn't know how much it would change my life. Now, I am the healthiest I have been. I have lost 35 lbs and lost 3 dress sizes but more importantly have gained back my confidence. I sleep better at night and have more energy and have a much more positive attitude about daily life.

    If this sounds anything like your own situation or what you are looking for, hang around a bit more.

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