Some of My Favourite Things

I have put together a list of some of my favourite things. Plus by doing this, I got to spend time with a lens I rented for this weekend and get some practice time in.


1. Notebooks. I love notebooks. As a keeper and creator of lists, notebooks are very important. I have one for house projects, photography projects and ideas, online passwords and anything else that you might need a list for.

2. Bombshell Body Spray by Victoria’s Secret. When Victoria’s Secret opened a store in our local mall last Fall, I was so excited. I went in the first day it was open and spent a few dollars and received a free gift which included this bottle. It is my favourite perfume. Victoria’s Secret has nailed it. As soon as I spray some of this stuff on, I feel sexy.

3. Red Lane Spa products. If you are lucky enough to have visited a Sandals or Beaches Resort, I hope you took the opportunity to spend some time at their Red Lane Spa. This little bottle is their Pomegranate Body Butter that I picked up on a trip I took to see three of their properties. See my blog post about it here Not only does it smell incredible but it makes your skin super soft.

4. My Michael Kors rosegold watch. On a recent trip to Las Vegas for my 30th birthday with my hubby, I was lucky enough to get my watch for my birthday. Until now, I haven’t been a watch person but I love it and it goes with everything.

5. My Favourite Client Image. This is a picture of one of my client’s Jennifer. She hired me for a Trash the Dress session where she ended up in a lake in the Kawartha area with her wedding dress on. It was awesome and I love everything about this photo. I am actually looking for a frame that will hold a 20×24 enlargement of it for when we redo the living room this fall. Can’t wait to show it off some more.

6. Beringer Wines Pinot Grigio.  I have heard somewhere that apparently as you get older, you start to like wine. That is very true for me. I was first introduced to Beringer Wines at the Sandals and Beaches Resorts that I visited a couple years ago. I enjoyed it at that time but sort of forgot about it until I visited Moxie’s Restaurant for the my 30th birthday celebration. I noticed it on the wine menu that night and ended up having an enjoyable evening with a few glasses (and my hubby and closest friends as well).

7. Bed Head Super Star products. As someone that has struggled with flat, thin hair all her life, I have always been on the hunt for any type of hair product that give my hair any amount of volume. For those who know what I am talking about and have struggled with the same annoying issue, I urge you to try this stuff. It works really well and it doesn’t fade as the day continues.

8. Masks. This photo is of a ceramic Venetian mask that my parents bought for me when they visited New Orleans. It is a mask and it is purple. Oh by the way, in case you haven’t noticed, my favourite colour is purple.

I would love to hear what some of your favourite things are.

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