Ten Tips for Hosting a Scottish Wedding: Ottawa Wedding Photographer

It all started with an introduction from a mutual friend and a little bit of help from a yellow rose.

Matt and Alonna were set up by a friend who thought they would make a good match for one another and I can honestly say I couldn’t agree more. The couple compliments each other perfectly and I didn’t realize how much this was the case until I attended their wedding just a few weeks ago.

After attending my second Scottish wedding, I feel like I am a little bit of an expert on how to have the PERFECT Scottish wedding. Here are some items and experiences you should incorporate into your wedding day if it is Scottish:

10. A beautiful bridal head dress
9. Whiskey
8. Celtic Music at the reception
7. Kilts and lots of them
6. Hand tying ceremony
5. Bridal procession accompanied by a bagpipe
4. Celtic knot jewellery design
3. Rain
2. and 1. Love, friendship and fun

It was a Scottish wedding that incorporated some Irish and Canadian traditions and a heck of a lot fun. The bride was escorted down the aisle by both her mother and father while a friend played the bagpipe. During the ceremony, Matt and Alonna had a very touching candle lighting ceremony for the special people who could not be with them on their wedding day as well as a Scottish wedding tradition of a hand tying ceremony. This include the couple’s hands being bound together by the bride’s tartan cloth. It was pretty cool to see. And of course, I cannot forget to mention men in kilts, whiskey, some rain which actually only added to the experience of the day to make it feel more authentic Scottish and Alonna’s beautiful head dress.

It was day full of love, friendship and personality which is exactly what I expected from Matt and Alonna’s wedding day.

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Leveille…

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